About Cocker Spaniels

Are you thinking about adopting a Cocker Spaniel but want to learn more about the breed first?  Well the following facts all about Cocker Spaniels will help you in your decision.

About Cocker SpanielsNot only is the Cocker Spaniel a beautiful looking dog, they also have many other fantastic traits.

The following are just some of the great facts all about the Cocker Spaniel:

  • As mentioned previously, the Cocker Spaniel is a very beautiful dog.  They have a lovely wavy coat, cute floppy ears and large brown eyes.
  • The great thing about Cocker Spaniels is that there are many different variations to their coat colors.  In fact, there are over thirty different types of coat colors for this breed of dog.   Some of these colors include black, gold, liver and red.  These coats can also come in a number of mixed colors including black and tan or tan, white and black to name a few.
  • The Cocker Spaniel has a fantastic temperament.  They are friendly, and lively dogs.  They also become very attached to their owners and love attention.  These dogs do well if they have a lot of structure and training.
  • The Cocker Spaniel will live approximately twelve to fifteen years.
  • One of the not so great things about Cocker Spaniels is that they do shed hair.  However, with proper grooming and care this can be kept to a minimum.
  • The Cocker Spaniel does need regular grooming.  Ideally, they need approximately twenty minutes of grooming every second day.  During this grooming process you will need to check their ears for things such as grass seeds or infections.  The Cocker Spaniel coat also needs to be trimmed around three times every year.  If you have the skills you can trim their coat yourself or you can take your Spaniel to a professional dog groomer.
  • A great fact about Cocker Spaniels is that they are excellent at swimming.  Because of this they are a great dog to take to the beach or river.
  • Cocker Spaniels need daily exercise.  Anything will do – from a walk or even playing games outside.  Plus exercising your Cocker Spaniel is an excellent way to bond with them.
  • The Cocker Spaniel can live in a home without a big backyard.  But if this is the case then it’s even more important that you take your Spaniel outside every day for some exercise and fresh air.
  • Did you know this fact about Cocker Spaniels?  On average a Cocker Spaniel litter will have approximately six puppies.
  • Another great thing about Cocker Spaniels is that they are a great breed of dog to live with families or the elderly.  They are fine with older children.  However, they may not tolerate younger children at the toddler stage very well.

As you can see from the above facts about Cocker Spaniels, they are certainly a wonderful breed of dog.  With their great features and unique personality they would fit well in any family.  Therefore if you are seriously thinking about adopting a Cocker Spaniel then you are definitely making a great decision.