Potty Training Your Spaniel

Discovering a yucky accident on your carpet is not the nicest thing.  Therefore potty training your Spaniel is a must!  Keep reading for some fantastic tips on just how to do this.

Potty Training Your SpanielFirstly, you need to understand that your Spaniel will not become potty trained overnight.

It will take a lot of time and patience – from both you and your Spaniel.  However, it is achievable!  The below tips on potty training your Spaniel will help you get started.

  • The first thing you need to do in regards to potty training your Spaniel is to choose a ‘potty area’.  A great place to choose would be a corner of your yard.
  • Repeating a certain command is a great tool to use when potty training your Spaniel.  For example you could use a command such as “toilet”.  When you take your Spaniel to their designated ‘potty area’ say this command.  You will need to repeat your chosen command every single time you take your Spaniel to potty.  Overtime your Spaniel should come to an understanding of what this phrase means and they should potty on command when they hear it.
  • A key thing to remember when potty training your Spaniel is regularity.  Regularity means taking your Spaniel to the toilet at set times throughout the day.  This could be after they eat their food or when they wake after a sleep.  Regularity is vital if you wish to avoid accidents on your clean floors.
  • Rewards are a very useful tool to use when it comes to potty training your Spaniel.  If your Spaniel goes to the toilet in their ‘potty area’ correctly then reward them with a yummy doggy treat or even a cuddle and praise.  This will encourage your Spaniel to go potty in the correct spot in the future.
  • Staying alert is another vital part of potty training your Spaniel.  This means keeping an eye out for any signs that your Spaniel is about to go potty.  Signs include your Spaniel sniffing the floor or moving around in circles.  If you notice any of these signs then quickly take your Spaniel to their set ‘potty area’.
  • Remember, there will be accidents when potty training your Spaniel.  It is very important that you do not get aggressive at your Spaniel when you do come across an accident.  This means never yelling at your Spaniel or hitting them.  If you do this then your Spaniel will become anxious and in turn this will delay the potty training process.  The best thing to do if you do come across an accident is to clean it up without making a scene.  It’s also vital that you make sure you get rid of any lingering smells so that your Spaniel does not try to go potty in the same place again.

Potty training your Spaniel may seem a little daunting – especially when you may have to clean up some not so nice messes on your floors.   However, as previously mentioned, with time and patience it is achievable.  So take the time and start potty training your Spaniel today.