Spaniel Puppy Training Advice

Have you adopted a new Spaniel puppy as part of your family?  Are you now unsure as to what you should do in regards to Spaniel puppy training?  Well, the following Spaniel puppy training advice will help you get started.

Spaniel Puppy Training AdviceOwning a new Spaniel puppy is an exciting time.  However, with this excitement you cannot forget the most important thing – Spaniel puppy training!  This may seem like a daunting task.  However, if you put in the time and are patient, it doesn’t have to be.

The following Spaniel puppy training advice will make the task not seem so hard!

  • One of the most important pieces of Spaniel puppy training advice you will learn is to be consistent.  This means sticking to your rules.  For example if you do not want your Spaniel on the sofa, then never, ever allow them on the sofa.  Even if you want to give your adorable new puppy a cuddle.  If you are inconsistent with your training and rules, then your Spaniel will get confused and in turn this will prolong the training process.
  • To help with the training process, it’s important that your Spaniel knows that you are the boss or alpha leader of your household.  If your Spaniel thinks that they are the one in charge then they will be less likely to listen and may even become a little bit naughty.  Therefore it is vital your Spaniel knows their place in your family as soon as possible.
  • A vital piece of Spaniel puppy training advice is to use rewards.  Every time your Spaniel does something correctly reward them with affection or even a small doggy treat.  This will encourage your Spaniel to continue to do well.
  • It’s important to limit distractions when training your Spaniel.  For example remove any tempting toys or other animals that may distract your Spaniel during your training time.  Your Spaniel will be more likely to concentrate and learn if you do this.
  • It’s vital that you never use physical punishment if your Spaniel does something incorrectly or naughty.  This also includes not yelling at your Spaniel.  If you do yell or use physical punishment then your Spaniel will become anxious and it will prolong the training process.  Instead use a firm yet calm voice and say in a strong tone “no” if they do something naughty or incorrectly.
  • Another fantastic piece of Spaniel puppy training advice is to use repetition.  The more you repeat a training method, the more it will stick in your Spaniels mind.  For example, if you are teaching a command such as “sit” you will need to repeat it over and over again.  Gradually, your Spaniel will automatically remember what the commands means and will respond straight away.
  • When training your Spaniel it’s best to train in shorter sessions every single day, rather than one extra long session every now and then.  Your Spaniel will be more likely to remember what they have learnt if you stick to these smaller training sessions that occur on a regular basis, rather than a weekly longer session.

As previously mentioned, training your Spaniel puppy does not need to be a difficult task.  If you put in the time and effort, you should end up with a well-trained and obedient Spaniel.  Plus remember, taking the time to train your Spaniel puppy will also increase your bond.  So take the above Spaniel puppy training advice and start today!