Spaniel Puppy Training

Is it time to start training your adorable new Spaniel puppy but you’re unsure where to start?  Well the below information on Spaniel puppy training will help you get started!

Spaniel Puppy TrainingSpaniel puppy training may seem like a daunting task.  However it doesn’t have to be – in fact it can even be fun.  As a bonus training will also increase the bond between you and your Spaniel.

The following Spaniel puppy training tips offer some great advice on just what to do:

  • Training your Spaniel puppy should begin the moment you bring them home.  If you do this, then your Spaniel should remember this training for the rest of their life.
  • When your Spaniel puppy joins your family they will automatically think they are joining a pack.  Within dog packs there is a hierarchy with a definite alpha leader.  It is vital that you become the alpha leader of your pack/family rather than your Spaniel.  If you don’t do this and your Spaniel ends up becoming the alpha leader, then they may become extremely hard to manage and train.  Whereas if you are the alpha leader then your Spaniel will be much more likely to listen to you during the training process.  There are a number of easy ways you can show your Spaniel that you are the alpha leader of the pack including going out the door first and always eating before them.  It’s important to start establishing this hierarchy the moment you bring your Spaniel into your home.
  • It is okay to be firm when Spaniel puppy training; however this should never turn into bullying.  If you bully your Spaniel puppy by hitting them or yelling at them for doing something wrong then they will become anxious and upset.  A Spaniel puppy in this state will be much harder to train.  So remember – firm yet calm.
  • A fantastic way to encourage your Spaniel puppy throughout the training process is by using treats.  You can use anything from praise and cuddles to even a little doggy food treat.  Not only will this help speed up the training process but it will also make your Spaniel puppy feel positive because they will feel like they’ve done something good.
  • It’s really important that you do not confuse your Spaniel puppy during training.  If you confuse your Spaniel puppy or are inconsistent then this will just prolong the training process.  Instead, keep things simple.  For example use simple, short commands rather than something complicated.
  • It’s best, with Spaniel puppy training, to train in short sessions rather than one extra-long session.  Ideally you should only train your Spaniel puppy for five to ten minutes at a time, a few times a day.  Your Spaniel puppy will concentrate much better in shorter, frequent sessions rather than one daily long session.
  • Patience is key!  Remember, your Spaniel puppy will not remember everything straight away as they are only young.  So be extremely patient and try not to get frustrated during Spaniel puppy training.

Spaniel puppy training does not need to be difficult.  In fact, it can be a really fun experience for both you and your Spaniel puppy.  And remember, it does take time and patience.  But just think – at the end you will have a well-trained and fantastic new member of your family.  So what are you waiting for?  Start Spaniel puppy training today!