Spaniels and Kids

Do you want to adopt a Spaniel as part of your family?  Are you unsure as to whether they will get along with your kids?  Well, the following information on Spaniels and kids will help you in your decision.

Spaniels are wonderful dogs and make great family pets.  However, there are a couple of things you need to understand in regards to Spaniels and kids before rushing out and adopting your new dog.  The below are just some of these things:Spaniels and Kids

  • The most important thing in regards to Spaniels and kids is establishing the hierarchy of your family.  Spaniels, like all dogs, are pack animals. Therefore your Spaniel will feel as though they are joining a pack when they become part of your family.  It is very important that you choose someone to become the alpha leader of this pack.   The rest of your family including your kids should come after this alpha leader and finally at the bottom of the pack should sit your Spaniel.  If you do not establish your Spaniels roll in the pack early on then they may become hard to manage.  They may also try and bite your children if they feel they are higher up than them in the pack.  Therefore it’s vital this pack hierarchy begins the moment your new Spaniel enters your home.
  • It’s really important if you do own a Spaniel that you do not let your children play dominant games where their ends up being a winner.  These games include playful fighting and tug-of-war.  If your Spaniel wins against your kids then they may think that they have a higher position in the pack.  And as previously mentioned this may lead to your Spaniel biting your children at some point.  Therefore its best that your children and Spaniel stick to games such as fetch.
  • Another thing you should avoid in regards to Spaniels and kids is chasing games.  This means never letting your Spaniel chase your children.  Again, if your Spaniel is allowed to do this then they will think that they are higher up in the pack than your children.
  • Yet another fantastic tip in regards to Spaniels and kids is getting your children to feed your Spaniel.  This is a further way to show your Spaniel that they are below your kids in the pack.
  • If you are seriously thinking about adopting a Spaniel, then you need to firstly make sure that your children know how to treat dogs with respect.  This means showing your children how to play with dogs properly without upsetting them.  If your children do not treat your Spaniel with the respect they deserve, then your Spaniel may end up lashing out at some point.
  • If you are unable to get your Spaniel to see that they are lower in the pack than your children then you may need to look at getting in some professional help.  This could be as simple as hiring a professional dog trainer.  They will help you teach your Spaniel what their place in the pack is and in turn this will greatly benefit the Spaniels and kids relationship.

Spaniels and kids do get along.  However it’s important to consider all of the above before rushing out and adopting your new pet.