Stop Spaniel Barking

Does your Spaniel bark excessively?  Is it upsetting you and your neighbors?  Well it might be time to take control and stop your Spaniel from barking.

Stop Spaniel BarkingBarking is your Spaniels way of speaking.  Therefore, the occasional bark is okay.  But, if your Spaniel is barking all the time then you may need to take steps to stop the behavior.  It’s important to remember that you will not be able to stop your Spaniel barking overnight, but with time and patience it is achievable.

The following tips will help you to stop your Spaniel barking:

  • One of the main reasons that Spaniels bark is because they are trying to become the alpha leader of your household.  The best way to stop this from occurring is to become the alpha leader yourself.  There are numerous ways you can do this.  One being always making sure you and your family eat before your Spaniel.  Secondly, always walk through the door before your Spaniel.  Once your alpha leadership position is established and your Spaniel sees this then they will be less likely to bark.
  • A useful thing to do to stop your Spaniel barking is to use a certain word when they bark – this word will tell your Spaniel that they need to stop barking.  The word “quiet” works quite well.  So, next time your Spaniel barks say “quiet” in a firm voice.  Overtime your Spaniel should come to understand that hearing this word means they need to stop barking straight away.
  • If you find your Spaniel does not quite grasp the concept of the word “quiet” then you could try the spraying water technique.  When you say “quiet” also spray water at your Spaniel.  However, do not get this water in their eyes.  Your Spaniel will soon learn that barking means getting sprayed with water – which they will not like.  So in turn this will help stop your Spaniels barking.
  • If you find that using the word “quiet” and the spraying water technique both do not work then you might want to try the hand clamp.  Next time your Spaniel barks place your hand gently over their muzzle.  While you are doing this say “quiet”.  This will further show your Spaniel that excessive barking is not acceptable behavior.
  • In certain circumstances it is okay for your Spaniel to bark.  For example if you live alone you may be happy for your Spaniel to bark when strangers near your home.  If you wish to encourage this type of barking then reward your Spaniel the next time they bark at a stranger.  Overtime your Spaniel should learn when it is appropriate to bark, and also when it is not appropriate.
  • If you find that you are unable to control your Spaniels barking yourself then you may want to look at getting professional help.  One option is enrolling your Spaniel in obedience classes.  Secondly, you could look at hiring a professional dog trainer.

Having a Spaniel that barks excessively can be a little annoying – especially if you have neighbors who live in close proximity.  However, if you take the above advice you should be able to stop your Spaniel from barking.  So what are you waiting for – take the above tips and begin today!